Fiona Tay

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I'm an software engineer at Airbnb. I love working on web applications and consider myself a full-stack engineer. I primarily work in Ruby on Rails and have been using it since 2010. In my free time, I like to visit bookstores, ride my bike(s), and watch prime-time TV.

Professional Interests & Conference Speaking

I speak at conferences from time to time - here's a select list of my talks. While I've slowed down a bit, I'm looking to get back into it (and am open to invitations).

Technical topics

Career growth/diversity in tech

  • From College to Airbnb: Hypergrowth, Women Who Code CONNECT, Mar 2016
  • Bootstrap Your Women in CS Group, Grace Hopper Celebration, Oct 2012
  • Getting Involved in Open Source, SoCal Celebration of Women in Computing, April 2012

Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy

I have a background in Chemistry and Physics, and thought I wanted to be a scientist as a child. In 2009, I learnt to program after taking CS 101 at Harvey Mudd College, because of the department's initiatives to make CS more welcoming to newbies :D

Read more about me on this Channel NewsAsia (Singapore) piece on representation in tech.

I'm committed to making the tech industry more inclusive. Some of my favorite organizations are CODE2040 and Write/Speak/Code. I've also worked with Women Who Code. Some of my materials: